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Private Nursing

Our team of professional nurses are registered with the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB). Their commitment to high-quality clinical care means that your loved one can receive continuous treatment without having to leave the home.

Whether you need help transitioning home from hospital, private nursing care at home after a surgery or guidance with taking medication, our nurses are here for you.

CareLink’s unique nursing and care packages are tailored to individual needs. Our detailed selection process means you will have a Registered Nurse or Medical Caregiver most qualified to meet your needs.

We offer flexible service hours that can match your care needs. Our nurses can help you with:

  1. Administration of Medication (including IVs and injections)
  2. Monitoring of Vital Signs
  3. Management of Wound Care
  4. Replacement of Urinary Catheter Tubes, Nasogastric Tube (NGT) etc.
  5. Assistance with Recovery from Illness or Injury
  6. Any other treatment or service

Call us for more information. Our service starts from S$20/hr. 


Medical Escort and Transport Services

Looking for reliable wheelchair transportation for your loved one?

Enjoy increased mobility and independence with our accessible and affordable transportation service.

Our medical escort and transportation services ensures your loved one get to and from their medical appointments comfortably and safely.

Rides may be requested for any purpose. From $65 per trip.